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MBK Center, Bangkok

4.0 stars



MBK is the best shopping Mall in Bangkok. Close to the Skytrain, change from the Skytrain at Siam Square then one stop to National Stadium, where MBK is situated. Go thru Tokyu department store.

It's 6 floors of shopping, getting cheaper as you ascend. Great copy bags, clothes, scarves, and very clean toilets that you have to pay for, but are cleaned as you leave the cubicle, great in this country of not so clean toilets. Bathgate shoe shop has some great shoes, great prices. [more ]

Mah Boon Krong Phone Mall

Mah Boon Krong Phone Mall was my place of choice to buy a new mobile phone in Bangkok. The mall is located on the 4th floor of the Mah Boon Krong MBK Centre which is situated right outside the National Stadium BTS Skytrain station. This was definitely a good place as there were well over 100 shops all selling a range of new and second hand mobile phones and all at very competitive prices. Whilst there are plenty of other places around the city, I found that this was the best place to compare models as the range on offer was very extensive. Staff were also quite patient and knowledgeable and so I ended up by 2 phones, one new and one second hand, which made my visit doubly successful! [more ]

Deals on lingerie in Thailand!

A friend of mine in Bangkok gave me this tip about women’s lingerie shopping in Bangkok, especially for branded name ones. A place to go is actually a pretty small department store in the north part of the MBK mall in the heart of Bangkok. The place’s called Tokyu, which sounds like the capital of Japan, “Tokyo” but ending with a “u” instead!

She was so thrilled with the good quality and branded women’s lingerie at absolutely rock-bottom prices! Maybe around 300 baht at minimum for the international brands and like 200 baht and up for the local brands. Any girlfriend who knows where the deals are for clothes shopping, definitely better put this on the list when visiting Bangkok! [more ]

Movies, bowling, dinner at MBK!

I'm amazed at the cinema's in Thailand because they have a lot more choices (from high-end and insanely expensive, to the so-so moderately priced ones to the reasonable ones). In MBK, SF Cinema City multiplex is actually not so bad.

And right after watching the movie, the great thing is that it's a hop and a skip away from a bowling alley that was quite a lot of fun! Have a drink from one of the ladies in the Heinekein outfit with a bunch of pals who can't bowl at all in a bowling alley with Thai disco music blasting out is definitely a hoot!!! [more ]

What to do in MBK Mall?!

Well the great thing is that within the various floors, you can actually get a lot of shopping done—whether it’s cellphones, Thai silk or even bargain funky shoes. My latest find in MBK was actually a nice restaurant chain of Chinese (specifically Shanghainese food) with the best dumplings ever (at super reasonable prices)! It was on one of the upper floors of the restaurant.

My friend with me checked out the shops on one of the higher floors with a lot of small stalls and found a vendor selling some Tiffany & Co’s style silver jewelry. She was even able to pick up and bargain for a cool pair of earrings, a necklace and a pair of cufflinks for a fellow schoolmate who would get married soon. Not bad for a day right?! [more ]

How to get to MBK, local Thai mall!

It’s pretty cool that all I need to get to MBK is take the Bangkok Sky Train—which is really easy since you just need to get off at the right BTS stop. The BTS is a truly easy way to get around—thank goodness they invented the monorail!

In my case based on where I’m living in Bangkok, I need to head over to stop first at the Siam BTS station which is a sort of hub for the trains which travel in different directions of the city. So after getting to Siam I change a monorail heading to National Stadium. And voila, you just get off and you’re practically in the mall of MBK which was one of Asia’s largest malls way back in the late 1980’s but today a haven for great deals in the heart of the city! [more ]

MBK is a local mall fave!

Mah Boon Krong or MBK for short is a local mall that is a super favorite hang-out of trendy kids, families and a great place to look at the latest street wear since its mall houses cheaper and smaller stalls than in the regular malls like nearby Siam Paragon. So definitely if you want a place for cheaper more interesting mainstream stuff that the typical Thai who’s wise on value-for-money, this is where you go.

MBK has the feel of the organized urban market with airconditioning and great restaurants and BARGAINING when you see a great Thai style shall or see nice shoes on sale!

I heard that the name of MBK came from the name, the Thai name of course, of the owners. [more ]

Toilet Tips at the MBK

The thing with the MBK toilets are that they’re paying toilets. Meaning whether you’re going in to brush your hair, wash your hands or do the dirty deed, you got to pay up 1 baht for each entry. Not a lot of people realize that this is to support the upkeep by the mall maintenance.

So I actually made the strange travel mistake of just going right in to use the toilet, and the lady at a small counter started shouting back at me, ‘1 baht, 1 baht.” Let’s just say it was quite embarrassing! I wish someone had told me about paying toilets in Bangkok, especially at a place like MBK!

But definitely I should say it's a clean toilet--there are toilet paper rolls and everything. So for a mid-range mall, not fancy one, one baht is a deal. [more ]

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