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Müllersches Volksbad, Munich

4.0 stars



Built in 1901 and looking regal in every respect this pool and sauna complex is even impress from the outside where its high domes overshadow the river bank. Inside the pool and sauna are breathtaking. With its painted high domed roofs and statues around the pool it almost feels like you are swimming in a museum. There are two pools and both are equally impressive.

The Sauna area is also as tastefully decadent. With the same high roofs and a small warm water pool between the saunas. (There are two saunas and a steam bath as well as the usual cold water pools). My only hang up about this place (with the sauna in particular) is that it seems to be very couple dominated and some naked couples can get a bit sneakily touchy with each other which I find annoying when I’m trying to relax. [more ]

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