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Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

4.0 stars


Rodeo Drive

For any anthropologist or world explorer, there are few places throughout the world that offer as many interesting people and as much cultural hilarity as Beverly Hills, CA, but more specifically, there are few places as utterly intriguing to me as Rodeo Drive. The shopping center on Rodeo Drive in central Beverly Hills is truly one of the strangest places on earth. It is decorated to look like a white and gold cobblestone wonderland, covered in what are supposed to be the finest stores in the world. What I deem to be the finest stores, however, are those with good service and kind people working within, and I have rarely found that in this part of Los Angeles. Whenever I tried to enter a store on Rodeo Drive, wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a backpack on for a hike later that day, I was not only kicked out of numerous boutiques, but I was insulted to my face for wearing the outfit I had on. The funny thing is, there were a few stores that did allow me to enter (though it was still with a sneer), and I noticed that they have everything I have found shopping around the world, only set at a higher price. The difference between these products seemed to be an interlaced diamond or two, and while I may not understand the fashion world, I know humanity when I see it, and being thrown out of shopping plaza because I did not have diamond encrusted pants just made Rodeo Drive seem completely different than any area I had ever visited. If you ever visit Beverly Hills, make sure to check out this interesting street just to try to get into a few of these stores. The way the people tried to alienate me from their culture just made me smile, because I learned that even in California there are some truly strange places to spend one’s day. And I have never seen so many limousines parked in one location before. Take a look, but keep an open mind. [more ]

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