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Hölderlinturm, Tübingen

4.0 stars


Holderlin Turm

The Holderlin tower sits right on the neckar is very easy to spot. Look for a the yellow tower on the side of the Neckar bridge away from the Neckar Mueller restaurant. I had a free pass to go in to the Holderlin Turm so I decided to use it.

The museum itself is very small. It consists of only a couple small rooms dedicated to the Tuebiginer Poet Holderlin. Overall I was disappointed and glad I didn't pay any money for the museum.

First of all, the entire museum is only in German. Since my German is not perfect I did not understand a lot of the museum. I saw a few exhibits from Holderlins life, by few I mean actually only a couple things were on display including a piano. On the upper floor were just pictures and one poem by Holderlin.

I honestly don't even see how this museum can be considered an attraction, but people seem to wander in there everyday. My opinion would be to avoid this museum and visit the Castle nearby. The museum in the castle is much more informative and interesting. [more ]

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