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Bondi Beach

4.0 stars


Mind-blowing views from Bondi´s walking paths

One of my cherished memories during my visit to Sydney is Bondi´s Beach long walking path and its mind-blowing views over the ocean. I did this walk a few times during my stay. It was perfect in every way, great weather and mild trails together with the best views ever, made it one of my favorite places here. I started the walk from Bondi and walk for about an hour and a half till I reached the turn. The loop walk has around 6 kilometers long. Bondi beach is one of the most popular beaches but I will say the beach itself is not that staggering comparing to the views you get from the higher points of the path. [more ]

Bondi Beach

A little bit of sunshine on the edge of Sydney. Every tourist should spend a hot summer's day on the beach at Bondi.

See the real Australia stripped bare - There are the surfers, of course, and the sun worshippers, the lifeguards and the travellers. But there are also families of probably every ethnic background enjoying their day ina singularly Australian way.

The beach is not about the bars and eateries that surround the beach - more it is a celebration of hedonism and freedom.

The only concern you should have is with your chatels - in recent years there has been an issue with thieves but the usual precautions will see you in good stead. [more ]

People-watching and shopping

With every visit to Australia, a trip to Sydney, and especially to Bondi Beach, is a must. While most European visitors are entranced by the clarity of the water and the sand’s fine structure – it is, after all, a city beach! – for Sydneysiders and visitors from all over the world alike Bondi is mostly a place to present your surfing skills and buff body and to shop for your new beach attire to stroll along in. Or to simply sit and watch, if that is more to your liking. [more ]

Visiting Bondi

Bondi is about a thirty minute bus ride from the centre of Sydney, its a really relaxing yet upbeat area, everything is more spaced out and the beach is pretty nice. There are loads of cafes and restaurants along the beach road and on Saturdays and Sundays there is a small but very funky market. Its quite a retro market and sells lots of second hand and hand made clothes and jewelery Not too far from the beach there is a shopping centre and some shops on the high street too, the prices were very reasonable from what I saw. [more ]

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