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Naschmarkt, Vienna

4.0 stars



I think I would have enjoyed the Naschmarkt more if I hadn't moved to
Los Angeles and grown attached to the local farmers' markets. Granted,
comparing the Santa Monica farmer's market to, well, anything else is
a little unfair.

Don't come to the Naschmarkt only expecting to have a look at wares.
While it's great to come here, grab some cheeses, bread, olives, and a
bottle of wine for a lunchtime picnic, you also have plenty of
tempting opportunities to eat at the market itself. This is, however,
mostly Asian restaurants. Good Asian restaurants, but not distinctly
Austrian. You will find artisanal vinegar that is definitely worth
picking up and bringing home, and there are some great pastries to be
had (beware of the bees in the summer), and a wonderfully bucolic
retreat in the city. Go early to catch everything open, and to avoid
the souvenir hawkers selling 50 Cent tapestries. [more ]


The Nachsmarkt is a great place to eat, shop or just stroll around and take in the atmosphere. I like it, because it also provides a great geography lesson at the same time. Vienna is sometimes called the Gateway to Eastern Europe, mainly because Hungary and Slovakia are just around the corner if you follow the Danube River. Venture out to the Naschmarkt and you will get a nice choice of local Austrian sit down eating places and food markets, plus a smorgesbord of samplings from the Balkans and Middle East, which are closer than one may realize. In fact the whole place has the atmosphere of a Turkish bazaar, (I think for I have never been to Turkey) and you will have great fun just strolling around the place. The food is great, and sometimes a good deal. Many locals and travelers go here for lunch or stock up for a few days if they are on a tight budget. Oh! by the way Naschmarkt translates in English as "snack market". [more ]

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