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Pacific Science Center, Seattle

4.0 stars


IMAX Theaters

The Pacific Science Center has two IMAX theaters. The Eames Theater boasts a screen 35 feet high and 60 feet wide. The steep seating allows everyone an unobstructed view of the screen (like most IMAX theaters, the bottom of the seat in front of you sits below your foot level giving everyone a clear view). I have been here many times to see a variety of the IMAX shows and I have enjoyed all the ones I have seen.

The newer Boeing IMAX theater has a screen six stories high and eighty feet wide screen is impressive. This theater offers some 3D IMAX shows, adding a different dimension :) to the IMAX experience.

Visit and follow the link to the IMAX theater for shows and viewing schedules. [more ]

Science Fun for Everyone

The Pacific Science Center is part of the Seattle Center, a complex containing the Science Center, the Space Needle, theatres, and more. This is a wonderful place to take the family. The Pacific Science Center has great science displays that will be of interest to children and adults alike. Some of the displays include: dinosaurs, an insect village, animal exhibits, a science playground, body works, kids works, and outdoor exhibits. Almost all of the exhibits have interactive activities for everyone, making learning about science fun and easy. The outdoor exhibits include a high rail bicycle and a 2 ton granite ball that you can move with your hands. One of the more memorable exhibits in the animal section is the naked mole rat colony. I have been here many times and have never been bored. In fact, over the years it has gotten even better!

The Science Center also houses a planetarium, offers laser shows, and has an IMAX theatre. Check their website at for details and schedules. [more ]

Science Center

If you´ve never liked museums, because they are dusty and patronizing try this one and you´ll change your mind. The Science Center (on the Space Needle grounds) is a lot of fun for all ages. The exhibitions are fantastically interactive, you learn to control a robot, what gravitation is really about and general knowledge from the world of physics and technics, that never made much sense in school. It´s all super educational, but also very hands-on, you learn things without really noticing. You can explore the exhibition with your kids or ask for a special children´s tour. [more ]

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