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Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin

4.0 stars


Kunsthaus Tacheles - art gallery, night club, hang out in Berlin

The first time I went to Tacheles I had only been in Berlin for a short time and was absolutely blown away! Not only does my home city not have anwhere to hang out that's remotely original, but I came here on a warm night when it was filled with interesting, artistic people.

It is on Oranienburger Stra├če and used to be a department store, and the central office for the SS (Nazis) amongst other things and due to the deterioration was scheduled to be demolished in 1990. However some artists took over and managed to prevent this and have it named as a historical building.

Today Tacheles is filled with art exhibitions, night clubs, bars, cafes, a cinema, workshops, performance spaces. Out the back, where I've spent most of my time are three little bars set up, one inside of an old VW Van, sculptures made of random waste objects and fantastic people surrounded by graffitied and painted walls and the view of all the different rooms in the building.

Check it out, you won't be dissapointed! [more ]

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