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Ponte degli Scalzi, Venice

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First sight of the Grand Canal from the Scalzi Bridge

Crossing the Scalzi Bridge was our first sight of the Grand Canal on our arrival to Venice. The Scalzi bridge was also about 500 metres from the Piazza Roma where the Bus Station and car park were located. This white marble pedestrian bridge was one of the very few crossing the Grand Canal in Venice. Around this bridge there where a few hotels. The location of the Scalzi made it perfect for taking shots of passing gondoliers in both directions. We took a vaporetto from the nearby Ferrovia Station towards Piazza San Marco. [more ]

Ponte degli Scalzi

The Ponte degli Scalzi (Bridge of the Barefoot) is right next to the St. Lucia Venice train station on one side, on the other side it's close to the main bus station. It was the first bridge that we crossed over the Grand Canal. It's a pedestrian bridge built with stone. It looks like the Ponte di Rialto, except it isn't covered and the Ponte degli Scalzi doesn't have shops on it. There are steps involved, so if you're physically handicapped, you may have trouble. We saw a woman being pushed in a wheelchair, and while it took her some time, she and her companion managed to get across the bridge.

The bridge was built in the 1930's and it is one of three major bridges that cross the Grand Canal in Venice. The views over both sides of the bridge are decent. [more ]

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Ponte degli Scalzi Venice PONTE DEGLI SCALZI - VENEZIA
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