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National Museum, Prague

4.0 stars


National Museum, Prague - Packed With Fascinating Artefacts

Prague National Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square houses an incredible collection of several million items. When my brother and I visited this year we assumed that a few hours would be enough to see everything. Wrong! I could easily have spent a whole day wandering around the different exhibitions. Obviously if museums generally don’t take your fancy then this is something to miss out, but all tastes are catered for in this wonderful building.

Mineralogy and botany collections are a bit samey for me, but I found the palaeontology, anthropology, zoology and archaeology departments fascinating. It’s interesting to see the difference between these artefacts found near the Czech Republic and ones you might find in London’s Natural History Museum. For instance we were mesmerized by the skull of an elephant-like creature with tusks that seemed to come out of its chin! The palaeontology collection also has a painting of a prehistoric bird chasing a cow to depict how huge it would have been, and this absolutely terrified me because it was massive! My morbid fascination with human skulls was well and truly satisfied here in the anthropology section. When we were there in July there was a temporary sports photography exhibition which was very interesting (especially the photo of the woman in her bathing suit balancing on one leg on top of a cow…).

Another brilliant thing about the National Museum is the view. Whether you’re sitting outside on the steps looking down Wenceslas Square or gazing out of the top floor windows into the courtyard, the scene is beautiful. [more ]

National Technical Museum

National Technical Museum is located at Kostelní 42 (Prague 7, take tram 1,8 or 25 to tram station Kamenická).

As experience has shown Technical museum all over Europe are great, especially if you are traveling with kids who always find it highly entertaining. And Prague's National Technical Museum is no exception. In the basement you can find the mining exhibition that will explain the working of this technology, the engineering exhibition will explain the some of the best examples of Czech technology such as Skoda and there is the Transport hall that has a number of old-timer cars, planes and trains.

National technical Museum is currently going under reconstruction and it is closed for public. [more ]

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