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Monumen Nasional (Tugu Monas, National Monument Tower), Jakarta

4.0 stars


Tugu Monas at 4 pm

4 pm in the afternoon? Some kids might like to play soccer or fly the kites, some middle-age men / women prefer to do some sports, picnic or only strolling around. Tugu Monas is located in Jakarta Pusat, close to the Presidential Palace. There are some horse-riding-guys would chauffeur you with the chariot. You can bargain the price! That’s what I like in Indonesia! There is a museum about Indonesia’s independence inside Tugu Monas. And if you want to see whole Jakarta city, you can go to the top of Tugu Monas. You must check the time, cos they close pretty early, like 5pm ish. There is also a small zoo inside Tugu Monas area. They have a light entertainment on the weekend at 7 pm for an hour. It’s the most impressive from Tugu Monas! [more ]

The National Monument, Jakarta

Since I was staying quite near to the National Monument during a recent trip to Jakarta I decided to take a closer look at it. This was an impressive sight and is one of the largest obelisks that I have seen. At 137 meters in height it was visible from quite a distance, but it was only when I got close up to it that its true size started to be apparent. I was able to walk around the base of this impressive structure which is set into an inverted pyramid style structure with four faces. The well maintained paths around the monument made for a nice walk such that I could see the obelisk from all angles. Although there is a lift that can take people to the top, I didn’t have time to check it out, however I will be looking to do that on my next visit as it is supposed to provide a fantastic view of the city. [more ]

Tugu Monas Jakarta (Nasional Monument with Plated Gold)

Am so happy reading review on Tugu Monumen Nasional (Tugu Monas) Jakarta that Christina Hann posted. It brings back the memories of 2004 when my husband and I first came to the monument. It was really funny come to think of it again, at that time when we purchased the entrance ticket, the lady asked whether we have student card for discount price, we did, however ours were not international student cards whatsoever and yet we got discounted and even though without the discount, the entrance ticket is really cheap! We did not really know how to get to the center of the monument in the beginning, we had to sort of wander in confusedness especially there were this long white metal gate here and there so it was kind of hard to know which direction exactly where we supposed to go. From the highest point of the monument, you can see Jakarta and surroundings and the wind was pretty strong from up there. Again, I have to applause Christina Hann for uploading picture as we don’t have any, what we have is recorded-video, what a memory! And yes, you really have to bargain not just for those traditional horse chariots that the local people called as Bendi or Dokar but even for taxis around the monument, you also MUST bargain! [more ]

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Monumen Nasional (Tugu Monas, National Monument Tower) Jakarta Tugu Monas Jakarta sunset at Monas
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