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Schlosspark Nymphenburg, Munich

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Nymphenburger Schlosspark

If you decide to travel to Munich and are the active type of person, make sure to ask about Nymphenburger Park and how to get there. Nymphenburger Park is a great place to go for a jog or to take your sweetheart for a nice romantic walk. A castle is also in plain view from Nymphenburger Park which is a very nice landmark. Nymphenburger park is also great because it takes you away from the noisy environment of the city and allows you to either take a relaxing walk through the forest or relieve some stress by taking a nice run around the pond that is at Nymphenburger park. If the noise of the city becomes too much for you make sure to find the nearest information desk and ask about Nymphenburger Park and how to get there because it will definitely provide you with a great experience. [more ]

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Schlosspark Nymphenburg Munich Schloss Nymphenburg - Blick in den Schlosspark - Bavaria today - Schlosspark Nymphenburg - im Herbst Schlosspark Nymphenburg - Monopteros Schloss Nymphenburg
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