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Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

4.0 stars


House of the Holocaust

Somehow… the Diary of Anne Frank has eluded my reading selections. I did, however, know the story quite well, and I was excited to see the actual attic hideout during a recent trip to Amsterdam. The tour wasn’t guided, but there were plenty of visual queues to keep me moving along. There were also videos, repeated in multiple languages, to explain the history as I explored the top two floors of the famous canal house. I found it difficult not to get emotional walking through the recreation of a horrific time in history. [more ]

Anne Frank House

Again I am writing about Anne Frank House. Yes, beside the fact that this is a very historical place and a must-see sight in Amsterdam, people there are doing a pretty good job taking care of the house, too good that sometimes I have the feeling like I cannot see exactly what happened there anymore. They took away a lot of stuff, and putting in there different kinds of videos and photos. On the first floor, at the end of the tour, they even have some independent films and some other virtual tour about the very same house that you have just gone through, which I think is not very neccessary. Anyway, it does still deserve a visit from tourists wanting to know more about the history and all that. [more ]

A Sad Little House

The Anne Frank House was definitely a check off of my to do in my life list. Having read and heard the stories in school, it was quite the experience to be there in person. The entrance price of 7 euros was well worth it for this unique step back into history. My first impression was that the house was bigger than I had imagined, but after I really got into where they were hiding themselves, you really get a feel of what it must have been like. They have television monitors placed through out the exhibit to keep you up to date on what was happening during those frightening times in each room. A nice surprise that it was open later than I would have expected, 9pm I think. Well worth going to Amsterdam if only for this museum. [more ]

Anne Frank House

This is the legendary house where Anne Frank lived for nearly 2 years in hiding. Anne’s original diary as well as other notebooks can be seen at this museum. When I was there it was hard to believe that I was at the same place as the book that I had read in school. By visiting this house, it really made the whole story seem more “real” and not just something that I had read in class. The price to get in was a bit high, around 7 euros, but this is just something to see at least one time in your life.

Here you can even see a recreated bookshelf that hid one of the entrance to the secret hiding place. The entire place has been persevered and allows you to see exactly under what conditions that Anne Frank was hiding under. The whole place was somewhat chilling. Thankfully right down the ride is a really nice tulip place where it is possible to somewhat clear your mind free of what you had just seen and heard in the Anne Frank house. I believe that it was important to see the house because it really brings history to life as well as a number of issues about freedom of speech. [more ]

Probably better indoors

We were too late to actually get inside Anne Frank's House. And, having only seen the outside, I would definitely recommend going inside - the outside ain't much chop! A friend went inside and said it was worth a visit, but she was a big fan of the book. I plan on reading the book and then heading back to the Dam and checking the place out. [more ]

Anne Frank House

I’ve always wanted to see Anne Frank’s house so visiting the museum was high in my list of priorities when I got to Amsterdam. The place is not at all what I expected, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The organization that runs the museum decided that, rather than recreating the look and feel of the house, they would leave the rooms empty but post pictures on the wall of how everything looked like at the time the Franks lived there. I was a little disappointed at first, because I’m used to museums that look like living places. However, I got over it pretty quickly and “enjoyed” (this is definitively not the right word to use here) the rest of the walk. The house is large and I think the most striking part is seeing the bookcase and the secret stairs that led to the hideout (which is much, much larger than I imagined).

Once you get through all the rooms, you get to an area where you watch videos and photographs of the time and learn a little more about the Jews who died in WWII. You end the tour in the museum’s giftshop, which is cheap enough for you to buy at least something to take home with you. The worst part of the visit? The long lines to get in. I stood outside for about 2 hours because only small groups of people are allowed inside at a time. The waiting is not a big deal in good weather, but come prepared in winter and autumn –It’s particularly windy in the area. [more ]

Anne Frank House overrated

If you are planning on taking a trip to Amsterdam and want to visit the Anne Frank House then you should keep this tip in mind. I just want to make it perfectly clear that I have nothing against Jewish people or Anne Frank, but in my personal opinion this tour was very dry and boring. Now there are some very good reasons behind my argument. One reason is that they just kind of herd you through the tour like you are cattle. Another reason is that you have to wait on average of two hours to get into the tour. Now if you are an Anne Frank admirer I really hope that I did not offend you in any way. I just want to save you some valuable time when you are in this extraordinary city. [more ]

Anne Frank Memorial House

Even before booking my room in Amsterdam, I knew that one the laces I will not leave the city without visiting was the Anne Frank Memorial House. Like many others, I was extremely touched by the story that little girl told a whole world, a story that made many of us understand what so many thousands of people had to go through. There is a lovely statue of Anne there, very well made and the museum is as moving as the book. I left the place pretty sad, but I guess that's how everybody else left it. In the museum you get to see many pictures, objects and even posters of Anne. Anne's room is said to be preserved as they left it when the Gestapo took them away from the Annex, so the whole visit was a great experience. The only bad part was that it was extremely crowded. [more ]

Anna Frank House

Anna Frank House is located at Prinsengracht 267. I think great majority of us has read Anne Frank's Diary when we were younger. And this is a rare opportunity to visit the place where the book actually took place. The house opened up as a museum in 1960 and it has been attractng visitors ever since. In the back part of the house was were Anna hid with her family, while in front there was a company that belong to her father. You enter the museum through the adjacent building. Original objects are on display and you can learn all the details about their daily lives and who betrayed them so they met their early demise. Wonderful museum and really touching exhibition as well.

Opening hours are from September to March from 9:00am until 7:00pm; March through September from 9:00am until 9:00pm on Saturdays from 9:00am until 10:00pm. The price of admission is Ł7.50. [more ]

Anne Frank House - Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House is one of the most interesting museums i have been to. I read her diarys when i was at school and it was amazing being where she wrote them all while she was hiding. It was a moving experiance and and made me feel sad thinking of what she must have been through. For anyone who is interested in history or have read the book should go. It is an Amsterdam must see. [more ]

Anne Frank House

Surely one can remember the tragic and beautiful story of Anne Frank. While traveling to Amsterdam make sure to check out the Anne Frank House. I read the book before I went and it made the Anne Frank experience even more satisfying. When you pull up to The Anne Frank House it is in a regular old neighborhood that you can only identify her house by the line of people waiting to get in. When inside the Anne Frank House the detailed descriptions from her diary suddenly come to life and will provide you with a tear wrenching unforgettable experience. I would personally recomend the Anne Frank House to anyone who is not only interested in the party scene when traveling to Amsterdam. [more ]

Museum: Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s House is an unusual place, tribute to the suffering of Anne Frank, and all those that were forced to hide from the Nazis. Anne Frank and her family were Jewish and to avoid the massacre, her father Otto Frank decides to hide his family in an abandoned section of the building where he worked. The family and some other Jewish people move there and Anne writes the horror of the 2 year hiding in her diary. The place was left just how it was initially found. There are also postcards and belongings of the families that hid there, pro democratic works and a copy of the girl’s diary. It is indeed a place that made me value my freedom. I got shivers when I first saw all that. [more ]

Anne Frank House (Anne Frankhuis)

Avoid the long queues by buying your ticket online in advance. No cameras are permitted and all large bags have to be checked at the door. The stairways in the ‘hidden house’ are very steep and narrow and some may find the actual living space slightly claustrophobic.

It’s almost impossible to try and imagine how two families (eight people) managed to successfully hide out for over two years in such a confined space. The daily fear about being discovered must have been unbearable. Read (or re-read) the 'Diary of Anne Frank' for the background before you visit, but it is a deeply moving and humbling experience and strangely, also very uplifting. [more ]

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