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Hamburger Hafen

4.0 stars


A must-see in Hamburg: the harbor

The harbor in Hamburg is always worth a visit. Even in the worst weather it is hard to ecape its fascination. Here the impressive museum ships Rickmer Rickmers (an old barque the bright colors of which always stand out) and the Cap San Diego are anchored. At the shore on the other side are container ships from all over the worlds and there's usually a yacht in the shipyard at Blohm&Voss. The small harbor ferries cruise around amongst all of this and seagulls circle over the heads of the visitors. With a Fischbrötchen (a grilled fish sandwich) from "Nordsee" and an Astra (a popular beer in Hamburg) your visit is perfect. [more ]

Hamburg Harbor

The harbor is Hamburg and Hamburg is the harbor. The two are unseparably linked. It is the biggest one in Germany, the second biggest in Europe and among the top ten in the world. All of Hamburgs wealth comes from the harbor and its history tells that of the city. Just sitting on one of the pontoons and watching the huge container ships go by can keep you entertained for a whole day. You can do harbor tours for €10-€15, or you can take the HVV ferry 61 from Landungsbrücken and go up the river to Teufelsbrück (a day ticket for the HVV trains and ferries is €5). Go to the Elbstrand (beach) to sit in the sand and watch container being loaded onto ships on the opposite shore. [more ]

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