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St. Nicholas' Church, Leipzig

4.0 stars


Church Nikolai

This is a very beautiful church in the center of the city Leipzig. One of these reasons I liked this church so much is the way that the architecture has been developed. Take for instance the columns. At the top of each column are palm branches which is simply something I have never seen before. In my opinion the building looks much more modern than most churches in Germany. In the inside of the church there are columns that align the inside. On top of each altar is also palms that branch out from the top. This inside is very white and new looking. Everything about this church was just different than what I was used to in Germany. One thing I noticed that was the same as much churches was the tower that sticks out from one side. Climb up this tower and you will get a great view of the city of Leipzig. I would highly recommend it if you have time. The entrance fee to climb up is only a few Euros, [more ]

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1. Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig 0.28 mi
2. Schillerhaus 3.27 mi
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