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Jubilee Synagogue, Prague

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Jubilee (Jerusalem) Synagogue

The Jubilee synagogue in Prague (Also called Jerusalem Synagogue) is, in my view the greatest synagogue in the city. It is much newer than the other synagogues in the city (most of which are in the old Jewish quarter – Josefov), being built around the turn of the 20-th century, but it is far more beautiful and better decorated. It is in the small street starting right in front of the main train station, so it was actually the first attraction I saw when I arrived in Prague. The Synagogue is opened from 1 pm to 5 pm (of course except Saturday) and there is a very small entrance fee (50 czk if I remember well). [more ]

Jewish Quarter

Jewish or not, this quarter is another place you ought to see in Prague, located close to the Old Town Square, it is a place filled with history and it is interesting to know all that this people had to go through, it is like a small city with a totally different civilization and customs in the interior of a totally different world. Stepping into the quarter gives you the sensation that you went back a few centuries, you can even find old family businesses that each have a tradition of their own. The people are very friendly and most of all, as you might know Jewish people are great sales persons so you should definitely try bargaining for anything you want to buy, you might even get a good deal out of it. [more ]

Jewish Town and Synagogue

I have a particular interest in the Jewish culture and I found the Jewish quarter super interesting. However, I found the prices too high to enter the museum because you buy a ticket to get to the museum and other for the old synagogue. The most important places to visit are the Jewish cemetery, Jewish Museum, the Spanish Synagogue and all about the Franz Kafka. The Jewish town is the only Central European Jewish Town that survived the Holocaust and the Old Synagogue is today the main house of prayer of the Jewish community in Prague. [more ]

Klausen Synagogue

Klausen Synagogue is located at U Starého hřbitova 3, which is just by the entrance to the Old cemetery.

The synagogue dates back to 1573. and it was commissioned by Maisel – head of the Jewish community at the time to honor the visit of Emperor Maximillian II to the Prague ghetto. However Klausen synagogue was destroyed in the fire of 1689. The synagogue was once again rebuilt and the work was done in 1694. Another remodeling took place in 19th century. It was the largest synagogue in the Prague ghetto and also home to the Burial society of Prague. [more ]

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Jubilee Synagogue Prague
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