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St Mark's Basilica, Venice

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Splendid Frescoes and Mosaics at Basilica di San Marco

The Basilica di San Marco (St Marco´s Basilica) was located right in the heart of the Piazza di San Marco The square had many attractions but having a chance to admire the Basilica from the outside was the highlight in this busy square. The basilica had really outstanding frescoes decorating the facade. This Basilica was different to any other I´ve seen as you could really observe the Byzantine style roofs. If the outside architecture was fascinating the mosaics in the interior were magnificent. There were some areas in the interior where a fee was charged but general admission was free. [more ]

St. Marks Square

Bounded by St. Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace and a variety of stores and cafes, St. Mark's Square is a large square that floods during high water. If it's not flooded, it is inevitably filled with pigeons. Feeding the pigeons is actually encouraged, as compared to policy in many other major European cities, and you can get some fun photo ops!

The square will definitely be crowded with tourists, but that is part of the experience. The cafes and stores around the square are convenient and central, but the prices are outrageous. Keep an eye on your belongings and your valuables as it's a target spot for pickpockets.

There are often street musicians and it's a good place to relax and experience Venice. [more ]

St. Mark's Basilica

Perhaps the best known sight in Venice, St. Mark's Basilica is a stunning sight! It is an elaborate structure with domes and arches and columns. The basilica is the resting place of St. Mark.

On top of the basilica are statues of horses. They are replicas of the originals, which had precious jewels as eyes.

Definitely go inside. Remember to have your knees and shoulders covered or you may not be let in. The line wasn't too long when we were there. The inside is gilded and covered in mosaics and has statues all around. There is an extra fee to see behind the altar screen, but it isn't much and I thought it was worth it. It's a detailed gold artwork with precious gems inlaid. It's truly beautiful. The floors are marble and there is opulence everywhere. It's a must see site! [more ]

St. Mark Museum

St. Mark Museum is located San Marco 328.

St. Mark's museum dates back to 19th century and it has been expanded. Inside you can find many objects of all kinds of origin that belonged to the church. Here you can also see the original quardiga (the 4 horses) that were removed from the front of the church when it was restored the last time. The museum is divided into 4 different themes which are the aforementioned Quardiga, the antique, the mosaics and the tapestries. Truly you can find all sorts of relics and antique here, from the fragments of ancient mosaics to manuscripts and carpets.

Opening hours are daily from 9:45am until 4:45pm. The price of admission is €4.00. Do note that the part of the guided tour if you do decide to take it will take you through the Basilica as well. [more ]

Pala d'Oro

Pala d'Oro is the splendid and quite astonishing altar that is done in Gothic style and it has more 255 enameled panels as well plenty of precious stones scattered over it. It screams opulence and rightly so because the basilica di San Marco is one of the best examples how wealthy Venice was at the time and the wealthy merchants just keep embellishing the church to show how wealthy they are.

The altar dates back to 10th century, but stuff kept being added to it from 12th until 14th century. It is right behind the main altar, but also on the left from the main altar look out for a special chapel, this is where you will find the Madonna di Nicopeia (also taken from Constantinople) and considered a patron saint. [more ]

Basilica di San Marco (Galleria)

For the Galleria you will have to pay the entrance fee, however it is well worth it in my opinion because you will have a better viewpoint to observe both the floor and the ceiling mosaics. From here you can also access the Loggia dei Cavalli. Why should you? Because of the view of the piazza, no words to describe it. Also take note of the 4 gilded bronze horses that were lugged all the way from Constantinople. Anyhow have your camera at the ready you will be able to take some excellent snaps. On the right side you can see the Clock tower, on the left the Bell tower and further down the blue of the water. [more ]

A bit about Basilica of St.Mark

Basilica of St. Mark (or Basilica di San Marco) is located at Piazza San Marco.

And if there is one sight you will have to see when in Venice then this is it. Whether you are there for a say or staying longer, does not matter give it a visit.
If you detect some obvious Eastern influence when you clap your eyes on Basilica di San Marco, it is due to the fact that for many years Venice was the gateway between the Western countries and the East. For sure it does not look like your normal Roman Catholic church. St. Mark replaced the St. Theodore as the patron saint of Venice (the legend goes that the remains of St. mark were smuggled in pickled pork of all things from Egypt). It is rightly name the Golden church, because well just take a look at it. Mosaic upon mosaic that were added for more then 7 centuries, its exquisite.

Opening hours for the Basilica, The treasury and the Pala d'Oro are Monday to Saturday from 9:45am until 5:00pm, Saturdays from 2:00pm until 5:00pm. The same applies Museum Marciano. [more ]

Basilica di San Marco

Maybe the most important tourist attraction in Venice is the Basilica di San Marco, that lays in the San Marco Square. I loved the church on the outside. Its architecture is outstanding and I consider it a real work of art. The interior is also amazing. The most important piece inside the basilica is the altar. It has hundreds of precious stones, like emeralds and saphires and it also has over 1000 pearls. The visit was a great experience for me, but not for a friend who had to stay outside because she was wearing a really short skirt. So try to cover your body as much as you can, even if it’s summer and the temperature is really high. [more ]

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