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Villa del Balbianello, Lenno

4.0 stars


Villa Balbianello, Lenno

Definitely worth a visit! You need to check times for tours as the villa is not open at all times - yyou can pick up a leaflet about the Villas in most tourist offices. You can walk from Lenno, but the best approach is by boat as you have a beautiful view of the buildings and the gardens up from the lake.

The villa belonged to an individual/entrepreneur who was involved with expeditions to the poles and to everest, as well as collecting african artefacts; so the Villa has interesting displays. It now belongs to FAI, the Italian equivalent of the National Trust.

The building was started in the eighteenth century and is set over 3 levels. It is very impressive with antique furniture - although my favourite was the bar masquerading as a bookcase! The area outside the library gives a stunning view of the lake in both a northerly and southerly direction.

The impressive buildings and landscapes have been used in films such as Star Wars, Oceans Twelve and Casino Royale.

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