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Temple of Artemis, Efes (Ephesos, Ephesus)

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Temple of Artemis

Visiting the temple of Artemis was one of those times we were glad to have a good guide with us. Most people look forward to see one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and then when you get there all you can see is one column with a stork's nest on top! I suppose if we were on our own we would probably have moved on straight away, but with the guideĀ“s help you can imagine yourself back into the time when the Apostle Paul must have visited there. Back then the temple had these huge golden pillars and silver statues, and was decorated with the most beautiful paintings. If you get the chance it is well worth a visit to the Selcuk Museum. We saw there the original statue of Artemis with her many breasts, who was the symbol of the temple.
Unfortunately you have to travel to England to see most of the remains of this temple which are displayed in the London British Museum. [more ]

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1. Konak Pier 0.64 mi
2. State Agora 1.36 mi
3. Ephesus Museum 1.36 mi
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