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Reeperbahn, Hamburg

4.0 stars


Red lights and cabarets

The Reeperbahn is probably the most famous street in Hamburg. Close to the harbor you will find a large selection of adult entertainment and boutiques here, but also some fantastic theaters, night clubs, and cabarets. The further along you go, the more you should be prepared to have you groin grabbed if you´re a single man. But if you´re looking for nightlife (an not just the bare-chested kind) this is a really good place to come. There´s an Edgar Wallace theater showing thrillers and plenty of musical stages. Check out some of the streets around Reeperbahn, as you will find small bars and excellent restaurants.
UBahn St.Pauli, SBahn Reeperbahn [more ]

Flashy Entertainment District

The Reeperbahn is one of the must-sees on the itiniary of most Hamburg travellers. It's mixture of red-light district, theatre entertainment and bars promises something for everyone to enjoy. Lately it appears the focus is more and more shifting towards theater and show entertainment. The district is somewhat seedy, and the brash nature of it's red-light ladies may be intimidating to some (men). There is a multitude of bars to chose from at and around the Reeperbahn. If you are looking for the big night out, it's the place to go, although not before 11:30 or 12 pm. If you are looking for something a little more dignified, however, head to the Schanzenviertel for its more alternative and less flashy bar szene. [more ]

Stay away from Herbertstrasse

If you are a woman you should under no cirumstances enter this street. This is strictly red light reserved and the prossies will consider you direct competition, and they will make sure that you get outa there before you can attract one of their potential customers. Stories have been told of buckets of urine raining down on none-residents that dared to go past the barriers, so don´t go looking for trouble and just stay away.
Herbertstrasse comes off Davidstrasse which turns off Reeperbahn where the police station is. [more ]


One of Hamburg’s more famous ‘attractions’, the Reeperbahn (in the St. Pauli district, close to the harbour), is the centre of the city’s red light district. As well as the more conventional pubs and clubs you’ll also find all the usual sex shops, cinemas and brothels. Compared to say Amsterdam, it’s a lot seedier. Maybe that’s to do with its geography and climate as it always seemed to be dark, wet and miserable. It’s certainly not female (visitor) friendly with "Frauen Verboten” signs dotted about at the entrance to some of the side streets and the prostitutes have been known to be hostile to those who enter "just for a look". It’s not the most chic area of Hamburg, but you can't beat it for its lively atmosphere, good bars and restaurants. If you can ignore the unavoidable grimness of the area. [more ]


Reeperbahn is Hamburg’s answer to Amsterdam. This area is basically a sailor’s port, with all the sex and clubs that the Germans can offer.

This town has their own red light district. No women please! Right before you can enter this area there is a sign that forbids women from entering. Don’t worry ladies, there are just women inside for the men to gawk at. The whole area is not that large, but entirely like the one in Amsterdam with girls sitting in red windows offering themselves for a certain amount of money.

Many prostitutes will also try to entice you while you are walking around by the clubs and sex stores. My friend had quite a few instances were it appeared some prostitute was trying to entice him.

In the Reeperbahn area, there are plenty of clubs, sex shows, and clubs to party at. Also what me and my friends found was to go into the countless numbers of sex shops that they have there.

One nice thing about the Reeperbahn is that most of the shops are almost nearly always open. Even the plus grocery store there was open until 11 pm which practically unheard of most of Germany. Be sure to buy an umbrella there if it is constantly raining like Hamburg is known for. I bought one at the local gas station and for 5 Euros it lasted only a short while before it was broken.

Make sure to check out the all to popular Dollhouse now. This is a table dance club and also it is a lot of fun. If you are looking for an actual sex show, though I have heard its actually not so great to watch go to Safaris. From what I have heard, it is actually the only live sex theater left in Hamburg. [more ]

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