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Lübeck Cathedral

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Lübeck Dom

If you were to gaze out at the skyline of Lübeck in North Germany, you would notice the seven church spires that stand up tall and straight against the clouds. Their green roofs are a part of the city that have stood for generations as icons for the people.
But two of these spires belong to the Lübeck Dom, and I have always wondered why exactly these seem to be crooked and lean in towards each other.
The Dom is the oldest of the churches in Lübeck, and dates back to at least 1173 (the first foundations of the city are believed to have lain just 30 years earlier).
However, when the church was constructed, it was built on the source of a fresh water spring. Heathens at the time worshipped the spring, and in a show of the strength of the church and to stop the heathens from worshipping false idols, the Dom was constructed on top of the spring. However, the spring made the foundations unstable, and that is why the two spires now lean towards each other.
This story is much better illustrated by taking one of the guided tours that operate in the Dom during the summer months.
The is also an interesting museum attached to the Dom, which includes the first Egyptian mummy to be brought to Germany. [more ]

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1. Museum am Dom 0.21 mi
2. St. Annen Museum 0.44 mi
3. Niederegger Marzipan Museum 0.90 mi
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