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Englischer Garten, Munich

4.0 stars


Excellent place for a sunny day!

Englischer garden has something for most people. If you want to play football or any other ballgame to to the north of the park where there are plenty of possibilities to join in or play yourself. If you want to have a beer go to the Chinesischer Turm and get a mass Helles (a litre of good beer!). If you want to picnic then simply bring a blanket something to eat and drink and grab a seat pretty much anywhere! A good view can be found by the Monopteros, a round classic style building on the top of the only hill in the park. It gives you a view over the spires of the city. Close to the Monopteros you can also enjoy samba beats from the ever drumming drummers that occupy the grass below.
If the summer day is too hot then bring your swimming shorts and have a swim in the lake north in the park!

The Englischer Garten has it all :) [more ]

"...How many kinds of sweet flowers grow in an English country garden?..."

The Englischer Garten in München (Munich) was the first public urban park in Europe, and is still one of the biggest at approximately 3.7 square kilometres of greenery. In 1789 the Bavarian ruler of the time, Elector Carl Theodor, decided to turn his private hunting grounds on the Isar River into a park that would be open to the public. I do say, what a nice chap!

On a sunny summer day the Englischer Garten is one of the best places you could be when in Munich. Your options are to take a nice stroll, swim in the rivers, sunbathe on the large greens or simply have a cold beer in one of the beergardens. Decisions, decisions! And each one of the brilliantly relaxing. There are plenty of paths winding throughout the Englischer Garten and in some places there are three - one for just pedestrians, one for just pedestrians and cyclists and the third for horseback riding! So be sure that if you are cycling here to always look out for pedestrians, with who you have to share a path. On sunday afternoons it is hard to cycle here because lots of people want to take a walk on this day. But at other times it really is no problem.

Worth seeing is the Japanese tea house, the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower), and a Greek style temple called Monopteros (16 metres high!), and the Kleinhesseloher See - all in the central region of the garden. The Chinese Tower is the centrally located Biergarten where locals and tourists alike coem together for some beer and bratwurst! One of the easisest routes into the Englischer Garten is near to the Nationalmuseum/Haus der Kunst. The nearest U-bahn is 'Universität, Odeonplatz'. It's such a large attraction - you can't miss it! [more ]

Huge Park in the middle of Munich

The English Garden is a huge park in the heart of Munich. This park is very popular all year around but especially during the warm summer months.

The English Garden is one of the world's largest urban parks and stretches from the city centre right up to the northern outskirts of the city. You can easily reach it by public transport. You can, for example, take the U3 or U6 and get of anywhere between Odeonsplatz and Muenchner Freiheit to walk to the English Garden.

This is a perfect place whether you want to go for a run, play volleyball or just relax in the sun. During the summer months, there are a lot of people in the park. Most just relax in the sun, but you can also see a few people refresh themselves in the river that usually has ice-cold water. Sometimes there is a group of guys playing baseball, some people play badminton or volleyball.

Everytime I go to this park, there are a few guys sitting under a big tree playing the bongo's and drums which adds a little Jamaican summertime feel to the park.

In the centre of the park, is a huge beer garden where they serve cold beer by the litre along with some traditional German food! The beer garden is around the Chinese tower which is one of the landmarks in Munich.

At the mouth of the river that flows through the English Garden, is a large wave that is produced by the pumps. This wave is very popular among surfers who try to surf this wave as long as possible. When the surfers are there, there are always a lot of people watching them in amazement.

The English Garden is a huge park and is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day in the sun. You can also rent a bike to explore this huge park! It is definitely worth going there - even if you just go for a beer in the legendary beer garden surrounding the Chinese Tower! [more ]

Englischer Garten

If you enjoy being outside and are an active type then the English Garden is the place for you when traveling to Munich. There you can enjoy some great beer which is served in enormous German steins which will most likely make you stumble after one of them. The great part about Munich is that aside from its urban environment, it also has some beautiful nature scenes such as the English Garden. The English Garden is very popular because it is the biggest beer garden in Munich and quite possibly the biggest beer garden in all of Germany. Make sure to check out the English Garden when you travlel to Munich. [more ]

English Garden

It’s always wonderful to find a nice, clean park in the middle of a big city and the English Garden is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle and just relax. It is a very popular scenic park (with locals and tourists) but more international than its name suggests as it contains a Greek temple, a Chinese pagoda and a Japanese tea house. There’s miles and miles of walking and biking trails for the energetic to explore or just chill-out at one of the numerous beer gardens or cafés, watching the swans and ducks on the lake or stroll down to the south end of the park (where the Isar river runs through) and watch the surfers (yes! surfers in the middle of the city!) practising. [more ]

English Garden

We visited the English Garden the morning before we left Munich and regreted not having visited it before. The park is huge and you need a few hours to properly visit it. We loved it, but we got lost once and had no idea how to get out so that’s where we got a little bit desperate, because we had a train to catch. Luckily, some locals helped us. The main attraction of the park is the Monopterus, a miniature greek temple, that lies up on a hill, so you get to have a very nice view of the town from up there. They also have a waterfall which is lovely. We heard that it gets even better at night, because many teenagers and young people gather there and play guitars. Don’t hesitate visiting the English Garden. [more ]

English Gardens

This is basically a really large park that is great to take a walk in. There are a few interesting things about this place. One thing is that I noticed a lot of naked Germans just tanning in the sun on a warm day. Don’t let this surprise you. It seems to happen all throughout Germany. I have even such things happen even the Rhine River.

Inside the Gardens is a Chinese pagoda and right next to that is a nice beer garden that isn’t quite as crowded, allowing you to drink a beer in peace and enjoy the nice gardens. I pretty much an entire day just hanging out in the garden, sampling food and just watching people do crazy things here like even trying to surf on the river! Some people might even be found swimming in it.

If you are looking to just hang out for the day or just watch Germans doing interesting things, then certainly head over to the English Gardens. [more ]

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