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British Museum, London

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British Museum

When I was a child, I loved all things Egyptian. The culture of Ancient Egypt fascinated me. The pyramid, the mummies, everything, I loved it. I've never been to Egypt, but so far the closest thing has been the British museum. The galleries on Egypt are filled with mummies, mosaics, tablets, and other artifacts. The exhibits are varied and there is a lot packed into a small area. These are some of the most popular galleries, so they can get crowded and busy. It's a bit strange to be looking at the remains of someone who had been important enough or cared enough for to be mummified and buried with a variety of talismans and items that were to protect them in the afterlife. And now they are sitting in a musuem being gawked at. Some could argue that these items should be in the country of their origin, but I'm not going to get involved in that debate.

You can see the actual Rosetta Stone as well. Granted it's under glass and when I was there it was completely surrounded by children. There is a replica in the nearby Enlightenment Room.

You can see items literally from around the world. There is an Easter Island statue; you can see Native American headresses. Fashion, jewelry, statues, artifacts, all beautiful and all interesting.

Leave a lot of time to see the entire museum. There is a lot to see. The museum is free; though there is a special, rotating exhibit that has a charge. The museum is open daily from 10am to 530pm.
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The great collection of British Museum

The world is exposed in this museum in London. British Museum is one of the most important cultural attractions of the Europe, due to the quantity of pieces showed. They are results of exploration and colonization ages. During my visits to the museum, I could observe indigenes collections from Africa and Americas, pieces from Middle East, Chinese paintings and porcelains, arts and archaeology from other European countries, Japanese decorative arts and Greek and Roman pieces from Bronze Age.

But the most impressive collection for me comes from Egypt, with pieces of Neolithic and mummies. It can be seen their nails and hairs! Besides the great collected works, the British Museum hides an astonishing Library, with glass ceiling and beautiful architecture. [more ]

The British Museum

The British Museum is known as one of the world's best museums, thanks to its fascinating exhibits and tours which are available available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Greek and even Japanese, making it a multi-culturally friendly place. You will find many different exhibits from all over the world, from Ethiopia, Africa, Egypt, Asia, the Americas... just about every single place you can imagine! It truly is a beautiful, enriching museum that is worth visiting... and best of all, entry is free! [more ]

British Museum

British Museum is located at Great Russell Street (take tube to Russell Square).

British Museum is the oldest museum in the world and it dates back to 1753. It is home to a wonderful collection of ancient artifacts some of which were donations from the private collectors.

The Museum is divided by civilizations including Orient, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Here you can find the infamous Rosetta stone as well as a whole collection of none other then mummies. At the moment British Museum is home to the First Emperor Terracotta Army exhibition but regardless it is a must see for anyone who ever watched and like Indiana Jones movies.

Opening hours are daily from 10:00am until 5:30pm, while the price of admission is free. [more ]

British Museum: "The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army"

From September 13, 2007 British Museum in London has an honor of exhibiting world famous terracotta soldiers from Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor situated in Xi’an, China. Exhibition named “The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army” is the largest ever exhibit of the mausoleum artifacts permitted to leave China and it includes 120 objects; of which 20 are statues of the warriors. Exhibition is housed in the famous Round Reading Room at the centre of the museum, where Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital. It is open daily 10.00–17.30 (Thursdays – Saturdays until 20.30); until April 6, 2008.

Adults - £12.00
Children 16-18, Students and Disabled - £10.00
Children under 16 - Free when accompanied by a paying adult [more ]

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British Museum London Stone sculpture of Durga Mahishasuramardini in the British Museum, London
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