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alcazaba, Málaga

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Alcazaba Palace Entrance Tips

The Alcazaba in Málaga is in the old town. There are two entrances, one by the Roman Theatre and a second entrance behind the Málaga Town Hall. This second one will take you directly to the Alcazaba Palace in an elevator allowing to see the rest of the Alcazaba as you walk down. This entrance is perfect for people with children as the other entrance is a constant and steep climb. You can visit the Alcazaba for free on Sundays. Although some parts of the walls are in ruins the palace itself is still intact. It is not as impressive and looked after as the Alhambra in Granada, but it is worth a visit. [more ]

Alcazaba Castle

Even if not as well preserved as the castle of Gibralfaro, the Alcazaba castle is somehow more beautiful. It was built around the 9th century by the Moors and has a connecting duct to Gibralfaro. The interior of the castle is wonderful, as it has many flowers and lovely gardens. There are also some fountains and one tower still stands. It is called Torre de la Atmadura Mudejar. This tower was built later, around the 16th century and it has marble columns. The entrance fee costs 3 Euro for this castle and the Gibralfaro and they are both really worth visiting. Besides, you get a wonderful view of the city. [more ]

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