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Bent Pyramid, Minshat Dahshur

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Bent Pyramid

You can't actually visit the Bent Pyramid, because it's located in a militarized zone. But you can see it in the distance from the Red Pyramid in Dahshur, and if you stop on the road on the way to the Red Pyramid you can get a closer look. It's a fascinating example of a transitional phase in Egyptian tomb-building. The architects who built this pyramid started out at too steep an angle, and when the construction began to show signs of stress, they reduced the angle to compensate, giving the structure its strange shape. It is also worth seeing because most of its outer casing is still intact, so you can imagine what the other pyramids, including those at Giza, would have looked like in their original state. If you're already in Dahshur, it's well worth it to stop briefly and admire this interesting structure from a distance. [more ]

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Bent Pyramid Minshat Dahshur
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