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National Gallery, Prague

4.0 stars


Prague's National Gallery - Explore The Diversity Of Art

I enjoyed the National Gallery (not to be confused with the National Museum) so much the first time I visited in 2005 that I went back when I returned to the city this year. It’s a bit outside of the centre of Prague so you need to take a tram out past the football stadium, but it’s definitely worth the trip. There are 6 floors in the gallery and every floor houses art collections of different styles. An elevator in the middle of the building allows you to see what’s on each floor before you start at the top.

The first time I visited the gallery I encountered such gems as an interactive knitting exhibition where visitors added to the display, and a series of photos depicting various stages of a man getting a map of China tattooed on his back. This year I loved the top-floor collection of installation art made out of silver and gold ball-bearings of assorted sizes. It sounds really pretentious but it was actually rather beautiful! I was equally impressed by the sculpture, photography and modern-art collections. My brother really liked a series of sculptures carved out of wood into creepy looking faces. If, like me, you’re interested in a lot of different styles and aspects of art then I would definitely recommend this rich and diverse gallery. [more ]

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