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Jammu and Kashmir Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Moansteries of Ladakh

Lamayuru: As a monastic site this is believed to be the oldest in Ladakh and to have been a holy place of the Bon-chos before the advent of Budhhism. Perched on a spur high above the valley it is one of the most spectacularly picturesque of the gompas.
Alchi: This is perhaps the most serene and beautiful gompa. The village and chos-kor (religious enclave) of Alchi form an oasis cradled in a bend of the river just opposite Saspol. Alchi is one of the few places where there is formal provision for visitors to spend a night or two in an inn. This must have been an important center of worship earlier. But for some unknown reason it was abandoned and that was a miraculous thing to... [more ]

Cultural Tourism in Ladakh

Cultural Tourism: Visits to Buddhist monasteries are the principal tourist... [more ]


Because of this inherent complexity a deep rift exists between popular... [more ]

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1. Hotel Tsemo
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1. Leh
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Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh Sarchu Schriftrollen im Tikse Kloster Blick auf Leh
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