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Sentosa Island, Kampong Kopit

4.0 stars


Siloso Beach

On our last day, just before heading for the airport, we finally went for a swim at the beach. We did not choose Siloso Beach for any reason other than its proximity to the Underwater World, which was our previous stop. The water was warm and very calm, but not particularly clear. You could see plenty of boats really close, too, so I am unsure how pure the water was. The sand stretch was quite wide, with fine sand, which is usually a good feature in a beach, but in this case we would have preferred the water a bit closer to the trees (shade!). It was a very hot day (like most days in Singapore) and we did not want to get sun burnt, so we did not stay long. [more ]

Underwater World

At the Underwater World, I was very impressed by the hands-on opportunities. Visitors could touch starfish and even stingrays (you were meant to feed the stingrays, but there is nothing to stop you from touching them). Stingrays attack if they feel threatened and in other oceanariums they would not let you anywhere near them!

Trying to find the lift to go to the lower levels proved to be very frustrating (I had a pram with me and the stairs were very steep). There was no obvious signage and all the staff seemed to be preoccupied offering the optional extras. Finally, one of them suggested that I paid $2 for a photo with something and I got a chance to ask a question. Once downstairs, I was in an underwater tunnel with a wide variety of fish swimming around. It was nice to be able to stand on a moving belt rather than to have to walk around. [more ]

Animal and Bird Encounters

We watched a show featuring some monkeys and it was moderately interesting. The best bit was towards the end when the monkeys seemed to run away in their own directions (but I am pretty sure this was staged).

If you want to get really close to the animals, then hang around the training area, just outside the Palawan Amphitheatre. We happened to be there when a lady was training a talking bird and we went up to her. She told us all about the training and showed us some of the bird’s tricks. She was just teaching it to laugh, and that was really funny. Soon we were all laughing. [more ]

Cable car

You can arrive to Sentosa by cable car, if you are coming from mainland Singapore. We took the cable car from Sentosa to Mt Faber and back just to enjoy the views. We did not get off at Mt Faber, as we were running out of time (our flight is on the same afternoon). There was a lot of construction work going on both Sentosa and mainland Singapore and the views will be much better once this is completed. As it was, we saw a lot of trucks, cranes and excavations. There was a building site in nearly every picture we took from above, so it was a pretty disappointing experience. [more ]

Palawan Beach

There is a small food court at Palawan Beach which is a great place to relax with good food at a reasonable price. We had dinner there nearly every day. There was a water play area for the kids, which would entertain our baby and give us a bit of a break.

There is a suspension bridge linking the beach with the most Southern point of Continental Asia. I did not quite understand why this continental point was on an island… but there must be some mysterious way of determining whether or not a place belongs to a continent. And it was fun trying to cross the swinging bridge with the pram. [more ]

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

I thought the museum was the largest part of this attraction. I was more interested in looking at vibrant colourful live butterflies and I was disappointed. The park itself was very small and I did not see too many varieties of butterflies. Maybe, I was there in the wrong season (October), or maybe, I did not look hard enough. The place was also very crowded, so I was forced to move along by the visitors coming behind me.

If you are an insect enthusiast, you may find this attraction interesting, but otherwise, if you are running out of time, this would be something you could take off your list. [more ]

Dolphin Lagoon

I am not a supporter of training dolphins to perform tricks for fun, but my partner really wanted to see the dolphin show, so I went along. The show itself was not anything special, we saw the same tricks you would see in any dolphin show. I was curious about the colour of the dolphins – I had never seen pink dolphins before.

After the show visitors had the opportunity to have their picture taken with one of the dolphins at an additional fee. I was surprised how few people stayed back, as the fee, I thought, was minimal. That was good news for the people who paid it – they did not have to wait in a long queue for their pictures. [more ]

The Merlion Walk

The Merlion is a mythical see creature, half-lion, half-fish, one of the symbols of Singapore. There is a 37 m tall statue of the Merlion on Sentosa Island. I only saw it at night and it was absolutely beautiful. It was all lit up and changing colours. There is a mosaic walk behind the Merlion with statues of mermaids and dragons, numerous fountains and soft music playing in the background.

There weren’t many people there at night and the place was very quiet and romantic. We probably spent an hour there just listening to the music and the night sounds, and observing the Merlion and the water features. [more ]

Songs of the Sea

With the main reason for me coming to Sentosa (the Musical Fountain) gone, I was determined to make the most of my time on the island anyway. So I went to see the next best thing, the Songs of the Sea show. The show included fireworks, water effects, lasers, bursts of fire and computer imaging.

There was a story line and the effects were spectacular, but I thought there was too much talking in the show. I was afraid my baby would be scared, but he absolutely loved it. I wanted to go and see the show a second time, but my son adjusted to the time difference very quickly and started going to bed early. [more ]

All-in-One Attraction

If you don’t have enough time to explore Singapore, I strongly recommend Sentosa Island as your target destination. This place offers everything—from attractions and beaches to local restaurants and shopping boutiques. My top must-visit attractions here include the Carlsberg Sky Tower and the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. The former is known as Asia’s tallest tower while the latter is a landscape garden that exhibits more than 15,000 live butterflies from different species. Sentosa also has a stretch of sheltered beach divided into three portions: Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, and Tanjong Beach—each has its own special features.

To reach this themed park, one needs to ride a cable car from the mainland of Singapore. Certainly, this destination is a must-see in Singapore if you’re looking for a fun place where your whole family can enjoy. Trust me, that one day experience with my family in Sentosa was definitely one of the main highlights during our stay in Singapore. [more ]

The bullet at Sentosa

Anybody who’s visiting Singapore is bound to make a trip to Sentosa. It’s an island resort reachable from the mainland by cable car. Besides a long swimming beach, a couple of golf courses and 5-star hotels, Sentosa also has a lot of amusement like the Underwater World and Dolphin lagoon, the sky tower, Butterfly world and Insect kingdom and plenty more to do.
In the west of the island are the guns of the preserved Fort Siloso, built by the British, which guarded Singapore from western conquest during World War II. There is a tram that plies across the island, but I decided to hike around and it’s weird that I happened to trip near the Fort and actually found a rusted old bullet embedded in the ground. Could it be from the time of the war? I still haven’t found out. Maybe it’s worth millions by now. [more ]

Where is the Musical Fountain?

When I was in Singapore for the first time, I picked up a brochure on my departure with a map of Sentosa. There was a musical fountain in the middle of the island and I am fascinated by musical fountains, so I decided I would be coming back and staying on Sentosa.

So I did. To my disappointment, the musical fountain was no longer there! There was no evidence it ever existed! I even thought I must have been wrong and it had never been there, when I saw a sign saying: “Musical Fountain” with a cross on it. I later found out that it had been closed because of the development works in process. I hope it will reopen when works have been completed. [more ]

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