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Red Pyramid, Minshat Dahshur

4.0 stars


The Red Pyramid

While the Pyramids at Giza are very impressive and are a must-see, a visit to the Red Pyramid is much more pleasant. There are very few tourists here, and the workmanship is equally fine. The most enjoyable part of a trip to the Red Pyramid is the opportunity to go inside. The trip down is steep, and you have to bend double and side-step down a wooden ramp. It's not a good idea if you're claustrophobic, but if you can manage the trip down, the inner chambers are fascinating. They are hot and humid, with their own special smell. The tunnels in are short and often steep, descending into the heart of the pyramid, where they open into a series of rooms with other passages either hidden or set high in a wall so it was hard for grave robbers to get into the actual burial chamber. I highly recommend a trip to this pyramid. It's a good anecdote to the commercialism of the Giza Pyramid Complex. [more ]

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Red Pyramid Minshat Dahshur In Front of the Red Pyramid On Our Way into the Red Pyramid
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