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Mann's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood

4.0 stars


Mann's Chinese Theatre

Knowing as much as I do about Los Angeles, I am not a big fan of the Hollywood area. So much of the pizzazz that is associated with the industry takes place in downtown LA, and most of the premieres shown here seem to be put together and packed up in a hurry so as to avoid dealing with the people who actually live in the area. Every time I bring someone to Hollywood, however, I still take them to see the Chinese Theater, and I am still continually amazed at how impressive this trip is, apart from the obvious tourist trappings. While it is no ancient castle, the Chinese Theater has been around for a long time, and to this day still operates as one of the most impressive movie theaters in Los Angeles. The feeling that this theater has a history mostly seems to come from all of the footprints and the front of the theater. So many people have paid tribute to this place over the years, it is impossible not to give it at least a little bit of credit. That, and I do have to hand it to the architects. The place is starting to look a little bit worn, but to this day the building is still beautifully held together by Chinese dragon themed wood work, and it is hard to resist the overpriced tours that will take you inside the theater just to see what the interior is like. Well, movies themselves at the Chinese Theater are loud, with speakers that can shake the entire theater almost as well as Westwood’s Fox Theater, and while there is only ever one film being screened at a time at this classic location, the interior itself features just as much detail as the outside of the building. Thanks to the Hollywood and Highland shopping center opening up next door, there is more than one reason to go to the Mann’s Chinese Theater, where the history of Hollywood is present more than anywhere else in Los Angeles. [more ]

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