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Asian Art Museum- San Francisco

4.0 stars


Multicultualism Wins Again

I probably would have skipped the Asian Arts Museum in SF if I hadn't been lucky enough to be there when it was free - which it is the first Sunday of every month - but I'm really glad I didn't. When I got there the queue to get in was miles long, but after watching I realised that it actually moved really quickly and I was inside the building in less than ten minutes. The permanent collections are spread over two floors, and though that doesn't seem like much considering they have an enormous and hugely diverse continent to squeeze in there, but actually I think they did quite a good job of representing the countries fairly equally, possibly because of the lack of space there's just no room for anything uninteresting, so pretty much every artefact is fascinating.

What made it even better was that they were screening films for free throughout the day, and as there's a Samurai Exhibition on at the moment I was thrilled that they were dedicating the days screenings to Kurosawa. They had other events on too where you could dress up like a samurai or learn to swrod fight.

I didn't get the chance to eat at the noodle bar there, which is a pity, but it looked (and smelled) great.

If you're in SF on the first Sunday of the month I would really reccomend spending a couple of hours there. If you're there on any other day I'd probably reccomend it anyway. [more ]

Chinese Cultural Center

The Chinese Culture Museum of San Francisco was established in 1965. It is a museum that is dedicated to the understanding and the appreciation of the Chinese American art, culture, and history in the United States. It is an ideal museum for anyone who is interested in learning about the Chinese cultures within the United States.

The facility is very large. It contains 20,000 square feet that includes an auditorium that can seat up to 300 people, many offices, classrooms, a book shop, and a 2,935 feet art gallery.

The Chinese Culture Center offers many educational and cultural programs. These programs include presentations, lectures, workshops, and classes. There are several art exhibitions that clearly demonstrate various aspects of Chinese culture such as art, dance, and music. Its main goal is to teach all of the visitors about the Chinese culture in such a way that they leave with a deeper understand and appreciation of the culture.

The museum depends on the financial support of the memberships that it offers. The funds earned through the membership sales goes to expanding and maintain the large facility. Members of the Chinese Culture Museum enjoy benefits such as free or discounted admission to events, classes, and concerts offered at the museum, a 10% discount in the museum gift shop, a subscription to the Chinese Culture Newsletter, and special discounts at places throughout the community that support the museum.

The Chinese Culture Museum is San Francisco gateway to a complete understanding of the Chinese culture within the United States. [more ]

Asian Art

When I was in San Francisco, I visited the Asian Art Musuem. I love Asian Art. It is so elegant and beautiful. I really enjoyed this museum.

The popular Asian Art Museum of San Francisco is one of the largest Asian art museums in the Western hemisphere. This unique museum is more than just a collection of Asian art. It is a journey through more than 6000 years of Asian history, culture, customs and traditions. There are several exhibits from all regions of Asia.

Throughout the year, there are several different exhibitions. Visitors can experience many different forms and varieties of Asian art, sculpture, and more. Every few months, the exhibitions will change. Therefore, there is always some new and exciting on display at the Asian Art Museum.

There are also several different programs at the museum that are available to meet your group’s needs. The Asian Art Museum offers programs for visitors of all ages and for groups of all intellects. Asiaalive is a free program that is designed for anyone who comes into the museum. It features a variety of demonstrations, books, hands-on activities and videos. The Asiaalive program is one of the museum’s most popular programs. Other program include lectures, performances, live presentations, family programs and various educational programs.

Memberships are also available. There are many benefits with a membership. They include free admission for two adults, members express entry into the museum, member only exhibitions and presentations, a 10% discount at the museum’s gift shop, a subscription to Treasures magazine, and reduced admission rates to lectures, presentations and other special events taking place at the museum.

The Asian Art museum is a unique and interest way to explore the art, culture, customs and traditions of Asia. [more ]

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