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Ponte di Tre Archi, Venice

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Ponte di Tre Archi, Bridge of the Three Arches

Ponte dei Trei Archi, or the Bridge of the Three Arches, is an often photographed bridge in Venice because of it’s unique and beautiful design. We were no different and joined other tourists to take a photo of the bridge. It crosses the Cannaregio canal with two small arches on each side and a larger arch in the middle. The smaller arches are still tall enough to allow gondolas to pass underneath them but not large enough for the watertaxis and buses. It is the only three arched bridge in Venice. It is in the Cannaregio sestieri (neighborhood) and you can get good views of the bridge from either side. It is within walking distance of St. Mark’s Square and well known, so if you get lost (as we did!), jus pop into a shop and they'll point you in the right direction. I love that this bridge, like so much of Venice, is considered a tourist destination that's also free and in active and everyday use by people living and working in Venice. [more ]

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