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Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

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Casablanca Mosque

This stunning building just by the Casablanca sea is a must-see. A contrast with the more humble look of the rest of Casablanca. They have tours inside the Mosque which I highly recommend. Once inside the building you need to cover your shoulders are remove your shoes so you may think of taking suitable clothing. The building is an inside-out a wonder of architecture and ornaments so it will be an ideal place for those who like spacious architecture and design. There are no bars or shops near the mosque so make sure you get your water beforehand. ThereĀ“s a little shop inside but you are only allowed in 5min before the tour. The beautiful arches at the entrance protected us from the sun. When you sit down the building gives you a great sense of peace so it was nice to wait around. [more ]

Casablanca - Hassan II Mosque - the Largest Mosque in Africa

This is the largest mosque in Africa and the tallest religious building in the world. It was built in 1989 to mark the 60th birthday of King Hassan. The interior is hugely opulent and only the finest materials have been used in its construction - it contrasts sharply with the poverty that can be clearly seen in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The mosque is also the only active one in Morocco that is open to non Muslims, so take this rare opportunity and go on a guided tour (available in English) and learn how 35,000 workers took 50 million man hours to complete this impressive structure. [more ]

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Hassan II Mosque Casablanca Casablanca Mosque Casablanca Mosque Casablanca Mosque Casablanca - Hassan II Mosque
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