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Katharinenkirche, Lübeck

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The Katharinenkirche

The Katharinenkirche is often overlooked because of the Marienkirche and the Dom, but remains one of my favourite churches in the city of Lübeck in North Germany. The reason for this is not so much that it is Lübeck's only preserved monastery church or its great size (although both are notable features). The Katharinenkirche is my favourite because of the three stone figures that adorn it.
The gothic figures depict a "woman in the wind", a "beggar", and a "singing monastery pupil". They were meant to be part of a collection of twelve figures, each one representing the community of the saints.
They were created by Ernst Barlach in the early 1930s, but were hidden by the Nazis, who censored them for being degenerated. However, they were recovered in 1949, and restored to their rightful place in the church.
The Katharinenkirche is closed on Mondays, and open from 10am till 5pm on other days. [more ]

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