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Old New Synagogue, Prague

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Old New Synagogue

The Old New Synagogue in Prague is one of the oldest synagogues still standing in Europe. It was built in the 13-th century in the Gothic style. Actually the synagogue is not very impressive, it is very small and empty, but the point of visiting it is hearing all those legends behind it(for example the legend for the Golem of Prague or the legend that it was built from stones of the Jerusalem temple). It has this strange name because it was once the newest, but then many newer synagogues appeared, so it remained as the “Old New” Still, I think that the entrance fee is a little bit too high for what you get. [more ]

The Old-New Synagogue

The Old-New Synagogue is located at Červená 2 and dates back to 13th century.

It was built in the early Gothic style and it is one of the last medieval buildings that remain unchanged in the Jewish Town. It was not until 17th century when new synagogues were being built that the name "Old-New" synagogue started to get used on regular basis. Old-new synagogue is one of 3 Prague's synagogues (Jerusalem and the High synagogue) where religious services are being held. The Old-New synagogue is not a part of the Jewish Museum and you will have to pay an additional entrance fee. Also it is required that men cover their heads upon entrance. [more ]

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