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Asamkirche, Munich

5.0 stars


A Pint-Sized Wonder Church!

Yes, it's Baroque. You certainly couldn't miss that. It wallops you in the face with its overwhelming Baroque character the second you set foot inside. But it's also exceptionally pretty, and despite the ornament the cool green and the soft pink marble creates a surprisingly serene atmosphere. The colours set it apart from many others of its type, and the pastel colours of the ceiling left me feeling I could breathe, for all its patterns and shiny bits. It helps that the work is so delicate, as in the beautiful inner screen, and I was amused to note (visiting the week the final Harry Potter book was due to be released) that the "dark mark" can be found tucked in a corner. I visited again in December, when I discovered how beautiful the light was coming in above the organ in the early morning. [more ]

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