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Church of St. Ursula, Cologne

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Saint Ursula, Köln

Cologne/Köln is a bustling modern city with an attractive old town and an impressive cathedral but a small site, off the beaten track, which really stuck in my mind is the Church of Saint Ursula - a close stroll from the city centre.

The church is dedicated to a British Christian saint who, legend has it, led a pilgrimage of 11,000 virgins to Rome to see the Pope but was brutally murdered on her return.

The church is notable since, with that peculiarly Medieval Catholic love of reliquary, there is a room devoted to Saint Ursula that is entirely decorated with human bones. It’s called the “Golden Room” and you may need to ask in the church if you can see it (small admission payable) as it is not obvious that it’s there to the casual visitor. [more ]

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