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Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro

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Sugar Loaf Mountain - Know Before You Go!

Pau d'Acucar - or Sugar Loaf Mountain - is a very popular tourist attraction with gringos and locals alike; at every sunset there is a tongue twister competition between the abundant couples, so don't forget to bring a date! The easy way up is to pay for a ride up in the cable car, which leaves from the base of the mountain.

Alternatively: find the cable car station and completely ignore it. Walk to the beach (if you need directions for that then don't expect to keep your wallet, watch or life for very long in Rio) and turn left. You'll pass a building on your right and see some gates, go through them and walk along the path. After a short distance you'll see a very obvious track leading up into the woods on the left, this will take you to the second cable car station for a cheaper fare and a nice walk. Obviously you can come down this way as well.

Really alternatively: Carry on along the original path until you meet a dead end. Do as you did with the cable car station and completely ignore the concrete pillar blocking your path as you climb around it. Now for the fun part, you are going to climb Pao d'Acucar! OK, most of it is a beautiful walk and as long as you are generally heading upwards you're going in the right direction. After a few zig zags and short scrambles you'll be presented with the only part which requires any form of climbing. If you have experience and aren't wearing flip flops then you should be able to do this, it's easy, honest, just don't look down. If you're unsure then wait and someone who knows the path will come along and help you up, promise. If you really don't want to do it then don't worry, nobody saw you chicken out, and it's worth it for the walk anyway. [more ]

Riding the cable car to Rio’s Sugar Loaf Mountain

I was in for a treat as I absolutely love cable cars, and I also just really wanted to see the view from the top of Rio de Janeiro’s impressive sugar loaf mountain. So it was very fortunate that the way to do this was by using the two-stage cable car that went from the street level right to the top. As the car started its journey I could see the ground falling away at a dramatic rate and soon the views over Rio were looking spectacular. From the very top I could see both Copacabana and Botafogo Beaches and since it was a clear day the whole city seemed to be visible in one great view. [more ]

One of the best tours of Rio

Sugarloaf (or Pao de Acucar in Portuguese) is, for sure, one of the most important attractions of Rio de Janeiro. Since 1912, the complex has been receiving people from worldwide, who come to have fantastic views over the city. The “bondinho”, a glass-paneled cable car, is the responsible to translate the people from Praia Vermelha to Morro da Urca (220m altitude) and Pao de Acucar (396m altitude), and also offers amazing views. Surrounded by an abundant vegetation, the Sugarloaf also receives a large number of climbers and ecologists. In the top of the mountains, you will find parks, shops and restaurants, but of course, the highlights are the amazing panoramic views over Rio de Janeiro from different angles. Sometimes, at night, the complex offers some music festivals, a great opportunity to see the city with the lights on from the top of Morro da Urca. Astonishing! [more ]

Sunbathe in safety beneath Sugar Loaf

Most visitors to Rio´s Urca neighbourhood come here for teh sole reason of taking the cable car up to the top of Sugar Laof mountain, but there are plenty more reasons to stick around here. Not least of these is Praia Vermelha, the small quiet beach lying beneath the famous mountain.

Urca is one of Rio´s safest neighbourhoods, and the fact that this beach sits alongside a large military compound means that theives rarely try their luck on this particular stretch of sand. The water is generally safe for swimming, although can be dirty after heavy rains. [more ]

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