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Restaurants near Ottawa Little Theatre

Shawarma Deluxe 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 0.54 mi
Sharwama, baklava, shishkebab, you name it, they got it :) Yep, Shawarma Deluxe in Ottawa has many kinds of Lebanese food in their place. And to see their colorful pickles? just as if you were in vegetables isle or vegetables market. This was ... [more ]
Edoko 4.0 stars
Japanese, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 1.47 mi
We liked it here. The atmosphere is thick Japanese where the chef would cook in front of you, there is special rooms which door made out of paper just like Japanese houses, there is also dining table just like you would normally see in a ... [more ]
Richtree Market Restaurants 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 2.41 mi
If you are in downtown Ottawa and thinking to have lunch, I know there are plenty restaurants and food vendors here and there, but incase you are near or actually inside Rideau Center, you should go to the Richtree Market Restaurants. There are ... [more ]
Sushi Shop 3.0 stars
Japanese, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 2.41 mi
As far as I know, there are quite a few of Sushi Shop branches here and there, at least I have seen and been to the one in Ottawa, Ontario and the one in downtown Montreal, Quebec. The delicacies at Sushi Shop are not too bad, at least the one ... [more ]
The Works 4.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 3.25 mi
Big size burger, big size milkshake, big size-cut of fries, big yum yum you definately can get when you dine in at The Works, and with all the big sizes you will get, you know it's worth it for the money you spent. More than 10 kinds of burger ... [more ]
Yangtze 1.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 3.55 mi
What do I remember much about Yangtze restaurant? Hmm EXPENSIVE! Yet always full with customer which is amazing. Amazing? Yes, how could they not wonder the expensive prices like we did? ;) Yangtze restaurant is located in China Town, Ottawa. ... [more ]
Rua Vang (Golden Turtle) 1.0 stars
Vietnamese, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 4.14 mi
This is another Vietnamese pho restaurant in China Town, Ottawa. Can not say this could ever be my fav. restaurant of pho but the prices are average as other pho places. I first went there with someone I know back in Ottawa. Apparently this is ... [more ]
Pho Bo Ga 2 5.0 stars
Vietnamese, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 4.20 mi
Pho Bo Ga 2 is mine and my husband’s favorite Vietnamese restaurant. There was a time when we always went there twice a week and sometimes more. Located in Somerset, Chinatown of Ottawa, Pho Bo Ga 2 is almost separated from other Vietnamese ... [more ]
Swiss Chalet 3.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 4.87 mi
I'm the BIGGEST victim of TV commercial :P From sport, apparel, household, health, holiday, to food, I could fall easily just by seeing and hearing the commercial. Well this happens not just because of the TV but also magazine and such, hehe. ... [more ]
Spring Roll House 4.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 5.92 mi
Stir fry shrimps in Thai curry is Zulu's favorite order whenever we went to Spring Roll House for pho (soup) but whenever we returned there, she would always say "first impression often fools me" which means that the first time we went to Spring ... [more ]
Phnom Penh 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 5.98 mi
This Cambodian restaurant serves different kinds of pho (soup) from the Vietnamese pho. The broth tastes different and if I am not mistaken, they also don't call their soup as pho (sorry it has been more than a year since the first and last time ... [more ]
Pizza Pizza 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Gatineau - Distance 7.37 mi
Pizza Pizza is like the pride of Ontario and I totally dig them. We don't have Pizza Pizza in Montreal, of course we don't as this is Ontarian chain pizza restaurant, but whenever we were visiting Ottawa, we would either have pho (Vietnamese beef ... [more ]
Casa Grecque 3.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in Gatineau - Distance 7.47 mi
Bring Your Own Wine! Don't forget that when you are thinking to dine at Casa Grecque as they do not provide liquors. Maybe they do, am not pretty sure about that, but anywhere in Ottawa and Montreal, you would find this like either on the door ... [more ]
Buffet Dragon Restaurant 3.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Gatineau - Distance 7.65 mi
I like Buffet Dragon but unfortunately not many varieties and a bit too expensive; yet the place is nice and neat. Plenty lights inside, we are allowed to take pictures as well, and so much to say the meals are more to Asians than Western. From ... [more ]
Tiki Ming 1.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Gatineau - Distance 7.65 mi
Can't say we were impressed with Tiki Ming. The prices are not light on the pocket yet the taste are average but more to just not right to the mouth. We have went to many Chinese restaurants so when we tried meals at Tiki Ming we did not find ... [more ]
New Dubrovnik Dining Lounge 5.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Ottawa - Distance 7.89 mi
There is a European restaurant in Ottawa which I think a favorite restaurant to the former president of the USA, Bill Clinton. Just as you enter the restaurant, on your left side there is a tiny room where you can hang your jacket and scarf, and ... [more ]
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