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Centennial Park, Randwick

5.0 stars


Sunday school for dogs

I was taking my toddler for a walk in Centennial Park when all of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of what seemed to be a dog party, with jumping barriers and steps set up around the area. It turned out that there was a dog school taking place 9-11 am every Sunday (except long weekends). It would only be interesting to dog lovers, as the dogs were not doing any super difficult tricks. My son is obsessed with dogs, so for me it was great to let him observe so many of them in a very controlled environment (most of the dogs were on leads). One of the dog owners told us that the more impressive tricks take place earlier in the morning, so we will make an effort to be there at 9 am this week. [more ]

Ducks and more

If you are a bird lover, get a loaf of bread from the nearest bakery and head for the Duck Pond in Centennial Park. The pond’s inhabitants can sense food from a mile away, so you will soon be surrounded by ducks, swans and pelicans (and other birds that I cannot identify). Sometimes you will also see eels and turtles, but they rarely manage to get a bite because they are so slow.

Once I saw a very strange bird swimming under the water with just its beak out. Then it came out and stood with its wings spread for 20 minutes, completely oblivious to everything going on around it. I think it was a cormoran, but I am not sure.

My best bird-friend is a big goose that climbs into my lap to get some food. Swans can also attempt to come very close, but don’t let them – they can get quite aggressive in order to get what they want. [more ]

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