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Pyramid of Teti, Cairo

3.0 stars


Going to the Pyramids

I went to the Pyramids in April and it was scorching and there is no shelter from the sun so make sure you have a hat or something so you don't get burnt, also cover up arms and legs as there are loads of guys that try and grab you and put you on camels and its a bit scary! I was only 14 at the time, on a school trip and all 4 male teachers had to be with me at all times because they wouldn't leave me alone! I was a bit fat and had burgundy hair so maybe that was what attracted them more because none of the other girls I was with were getting hassled like that - so watch out! I also found out that I was claustrophobic, I unfortunately found out a little to late! I was on my way inside the pyramid and the tunnel is so small you have to duck down and there are hundreds of people coming out I was in the line going into the pyramid, all of us going through this small tunnel and I freaked out and had a panic attack but there were so many people and not enough space so I just had to keep going, it was pretty horrible! The pyramids themselves are really cool but you get a fair bit of hassle from sellers, and any other Egyptian guys there, but hey, its the Pyramids so you just have to bear with it! You can buy loads of souvenirs and have camel rides, take water, but there is a shop there too in case you run out. [more ]

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1. Step Pyramid 3.98 mi
2. Memphis 5.62 mi
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