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West Sands, Saint Andrews

4.0 stars


A Great Place for a Day in the Sun

The West Sands in St. Andrews is a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon. The beach is wide and flat and the sand is soft, the waves are small, and although you have to be quite brave to spend much time in the North Sea, it's a pleasure to take off your shoes and wade along the shallow water on the West Sands. The beach itself is nearly two miles long, and the far end is a popular spot for kites and kite sailing. With the regularly strong winds that blow through this city, kite-flying is a popular activity, and it's a pleasure to go out and watch. The beach is bordered by dunes and, on a quiet day or a winter afternoon, you can appreciate the rugged and wild beauty of the place. The slope is so gradual and the water so shallow that this beach is not ideal for swimming, but walking its length and enjoying the views it provides is a wonderful way to spend a fine afternoon in St. Andrews. [more ]

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West Sands Saint Andrews Tide Pools and Gazebo near the West Sands West Sands on a Gloomy Day
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