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Museo Dalí de Figueres, Figueras

4.0 stars


Teatre Museu Dali

Dali’s museum is located at Plaça de Gala-Dalí 5.

Since I did not spend much on tourist sights in Girona, I did not mind that the ticket price was a bit higher for Dali’s Museum. Plus I have been such a huge fan of his work ever since my History of Art classes I could not give this one a miss.
Actually I saw it twice already.

The museum is visually shocking because it is unlike anything you have seen before. There are egg like shapes on the roof and its purple and just… it will take a while to take it all in. Some of his most famous works can be found here and there are a number of installations and even a Cadillac right in the middle that reminded me of something from Silence of the Lambs.
It cannot really be described you have to experience it for yourself, but make sure to do visit if you have a chance.

Opening hours are from July to September from 9:00am until 7:45pm. The price of admission is €6. [more ]

Museo Dalí de Figueres

The Dalí Theatre Museum in Figueres is a must for anyone that is a fan of Dalí or of the surrealist movement since it struck me as Dalí’s imagination running wild in three dimensions throughout the building.

From its eccentric castle-like exterior with turrets topped with enormous white eggs to the main courtyard with its army of mannequins the place is a delight. Some of Dalí’s well known works are here including the sofa in the form of blood red lips that forms Mae West’s face. An excellent collection of early work is also on display as are various painting by other artists that Dalí owned.

Dalí is buried in a tomb in the building’s cellar. [more ]

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Museo Dalí de Figueres Figueras España : Cataluña, Figueras, El Teatro-Museo Dalí : España : Cataluña, Figueras, El Teatro-Museo Dalí : España : Cataluña, Figueras, El Teatro-Museo Dalí :
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