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Muzeum Bedricha Smetany, Prague

4.0 stars


Smetana Museum

While the waistcoat pocket-sized museum doesn't have the space or
artifacts to compete with the Dvorak House or the Mozart Museum at
Bertramka, there is nothing more Czech than listening to "Vltava"
while sitting on the Vltava. Point the laser-tipped baton in the main
section of the museum's room towards any of the music stands to sample
"Má Vlast," the "Bartered Bride," or a handful of other works by the
composer. If you're unsure of what to do, the very helpful staff will
show you; a remarkable feat in and of itself given that they only
speak Czech. They will just as happily charge you to take photographs
of the museum's interior.

More interestingly, and worth the price of the CZK50 (€1.75; $2.35)
admission fee, is the display of Smetana's ossicles—that is, his ear
bones. They're available for viewing under magnification among the
standard mix of journals, letters, scores, and family photos.
Personally, I never get tired of seeing the preserved journals,
letters, and medical records of historical figures.

Whether you've never heard of Smetana (for shame!) or can hum the
"Bartered Bride" from memory, this is definitely a waistcoat pocket
worth checking out. [more ]

Bedřich Smetana Museum

Bedřich Smetana Museum is located at Novotného lávka (Prague 1, take Metro to Staroměstská or trams 17, 18 to Karlovy lázně).

Bedřich Smetana Museum is also a part of the National Museum and it is completely dedicated to the life and works of Smetana the most notable Czech composer. The exhibition has been in this spot since 1936. On display there are a number of artifacts that are associated with the composer's life and work and his contribution to the development of Czech's opera and music.

Opening hours are Wed to Mon from 10:00am until noon and from 12:30pm until 5:00pm. Closed every Tuesday. The price of admission is CZK50. [more ]

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