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Bismarck-Denkmal, Hamburg

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Impressive Monument to Bismarck

When I visited Hamburg in last July, I had of course to tour the sexy and “red light” district of St. Pauli. What caught my attention at distance though was the monument to Bismarck – which I could clearly see above the trees’ canopies in the Elb Park.

Otto von Bismarck was the Prime Minister of Prussia and first Chancellor of the German Empire. Thus many German cities have a statue to Bismarck, but the Hamburg one is probably the most famous. It is 15 metres high, in a total monument height of 34 m – so it is quite impressive indeed. It was built in 1906 and its interior chambers served as shelter during World War II.

Bismarck shows supporting himself over a sword – a bit like Roland’s statue in Bremen, symbol of free cities. The pedestal has other human figures representing the German tribes. [more ]

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Bismarck-Denkmal Hamburg Bismarck's monument in Hamburg
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