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The Horniman Museum and Gardens, Catford

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The Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, London

One of London’s oldest and best-kept secrets is the Horiman Museum, located in the zone 3 district of Forest Hill. The museum houses one of the best Aquariums in the UK, with a vast collection of tropical fish. It couples the display with interesting and though provoking comments that keep the young with us occupied, and constantly asking questions.

The building also has a wonderful collection of musical instruments, which are on display in glass cases. In the music room, there is also a small annex where people can play some percussion instruments from around the world. Great if you like making a lot of noise.

A room dedicated to Natural History has a large, and sometimes rather alarming display of stuffed animals. From Blue Tits to snakes, all the way past ferrets. Once again this area is informative and interesting.

Outside of the main building is a large expanse of land that has been delicately planted and kept. This has created a beautiful hideaway where students come to read, and lover’s picnic. A short walk around the grounds reveals the secrets of London’s suburbs in a beautiful and elegant way.

The museum is a five-minute walk from Forest Hill main line train station, which can be reached from a connection at London Bridge. [more ]

Horniman Museum and Gardens

Horniman Museum and Gardens is located at Forest Hill (take train to Forest Hill).

This museum even a bit out of the way contains more then 350.000 artifacts and has 3 main collections: Natural History, Anthropology and Musical Instruments. It is based on the collection of Fredrick Horniman who was a tea trader in 19th century and collected most of the artifacts on his travels. In the Aquarium that dates back to 1901 and although it was upgraded since it contains more then 100 species of reptiles, fishes, plants and amphibians. The Gardens cover 16 acres and have both formal and natural landscapes.

Opening hours are daily from 10:30am until 5:30pm, while price of admission is free. [more ]

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