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Mindo Nambillo

4.0 stars


"White Water" Rafting

They call it ‘white water rafting’, but the rafting in Mindo doesn’t quite live up to that name. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go rafting while you’re there, though. Plenty of places in town will offer rafting trips, and all will be basically the same. A guide takes you upriver a ways, ties a bunch of inner tubes together with rope (generally one tube per person), you put on a helmet and life jacket, and the guide will push, pull and steer you on your way down river. I took my family along to Mindo with me, and the river rafting was tame enough for my parents to enjoy it, yet exciting enough that my siblings still had a blast. It will cost you around $5 per person, plus maybe a small tip for your guide at the end, so it’s not gonna break the bank to take a large group on a rafting trip down the river and will give you something to talk about for years. [more ]

Cliff Jumping in Mindo

Your first excursion should be to the tourist agency where you can hire a guide to take you up to the waterfall above town in Nambillo Nature Reserve. A truck ride of 10 minutes will take you to the trail head, and from there it’s around an hour hiking. The trail head itself lies on the other side of a river, which you cross in a little box suspended from a cable and pulled by ropes. The trail gets a little steep in places, but there are ropes anchored to trees or rocks to help in the steepest bits. Most of the local wildlife will avoid you, but if you’re interested in bird or animal watching, try just stopping and sitting for a few minutes, and you’ll probably see some of the parrots and maybe even a monkey or two. Once you reach the waterfall, talk to your guide and he should be able to show you the best spot for a bit of cliff jumping. With a drop of about 30-35 feet, it’s a real rush jumping into the river at the base of the waterfall. Not an experience you’ll forget in a hurry. [more ]

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