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Frammuseet, Oslo

5.0 stars


The worlds strongest sailship in live size!

The Fram museum is a testament to the Norwegian sailors and the hardship they have endured. It is also a tribute to the Norwegian Explorers who always have been at the front of Geographical exploration, especially in the Arctic sections of the world. Here you’ll find the world’s most famous polarship, Fram, from 1892, the museums main attraction. The ship is displayed in its original condition with interior and objects perfectly preserved

There is also excellent parts on all Norwegian Polar explorers with detailed history and genuine equipment for show. The ability to actually explore the ship yourself is awesome. Take a look! You won't be sorry :) [more ]

FRAM museum.

The Norwegians have a high respect for the seas, they are well known for being the best sailors of the world, as there are many well-known Norwegian adventurers. One of the most famous explorers built the strongest wooden ship and holds the record for sailing farthest north and south. The ship has more than 100 years. At the FRAM museum we went on board of the ship, its very nice to explore and see how the crew used to lived there. I freeze with 0°c, and was so impressed to know that the crew could survive in the coldest places on earth for months!. Around the ship there is a small exposition about the lives of the crew and the route they made in the Arctic and the Antarctic. I did not consider myself as a museum person, but I really like they way the Norwegian describe and make you interact with their culture, so that you want to know more and more, and once you are out of the exposition you feel that you are aware of their history, which is one of the most important reasons of a traveler. Nansen, Sverdrup and Amundsen are the names of the greatest polar explorers in the world history. [more ]

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