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Chichen Itza, Chichén-Itzá

4.0 stars


Archaeological Site Has It All

As you enter Chichén Itzá, the pyramid called El Castillo rises before you. This pyramid is renowned not only for its beauty and architectural appeal, but also for its significant ties to the Mayan calendar (for example, the number of steps, when counting the top platform totals 365 -- for the days in a year). This site is impressive and seems to have it all: a pyramid, ball courts, columns, statues, and even a sacred cenote (sunken well).

Keep in mind that this is the most famous Mayan archaeological site and the largest tourist attraction on the Yucatán Peninsula. It can get crowded here, but the visit is well worth it. I recommend arriving as soon as they open in the morning to avoid the crowds. The tour buses usually arrive mid-morning and it can feel quite overrun for several hours afterward. [more ]

Chichén Itzá- Mayan Heritage

Chichen Itza was a magnificent complex, an ancient large city with Mayan structures. Located at the north of Yucatán Peninsula,the most impressive site was the Kukulkan Temple of "El Castillo". When I visited it was still allowed to walk up the temple stairs (now access is prohibited due to a serious accident). Now I can say it was a privilege to enjoy the views from the top of the magnificent pyramid. This huge complex had many amazing sites to visit ,such as the Observatory, with holes on the top aligning perfectly with important astronomical features, the Ball field(where they said the captain of the winning team used to be sacrificed honoring his victory), the Sacred Cenotes or deep water ponds with its picturesque street market on the way back to the temple, the amazing carved columns in the Temple of a Thousand Warriors. This complex is a real must if you visit Yucatan. [more ]

Old Chichen - A Respite From the Crowds

If you find yourself overrun by the crowds at Chichén Itzá, but don't yet want to leave, hike out to Old Chichén. It is not as well maintained, but it is far less populated. It is a beautiful walk plus you get to see some Toltec ruins thrown in with the Mayan. By the time you get back to the main site, the crowds may have cleared. If you like archaeology, you won't want to miss this little sidetrack. Be sure you take something to drink. It can get warm here and all the places to purchase drinks are back at the main site. [more ]

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the places Mexicans are really proud of, and the reason is the great beauty this place has to offer. Chichen Itza is about two and a half ours away from the hotel zone in Cancun, but the trip is worth the almost throwing up sensation because of the curvy road.
After we arrived to Chichen Itza we were so amazed, especially me, because I am Mexican and It was my first time there, I was just astonished with the beauty of this place. We got to see the famous Chac Mol and some other great icons of Mexican history. I fully recommend it, please be careful and also take care of this beautiful Mayan complex. [more ]

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