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Harajuku, Tokyo

4.0 stars


Harajuku....nothing special really

Harajuku is supposed to be this place in Tokyo where people exemplify the oddities of fashion. I didn't want to go myself but I was traveling with a younger sister and she did want to go and she wouldn't go alone so I got guilt-tripped into it.

The brochure about the place said that there were going to be oodles of Japanese teenage girls dressing in tinkerbell dresses but really out of the THOUSANDS of people there I only saw two or three girls dressed like that and wondered why I cared or was supposed to care.

I guess the place had a lot of shopping and restaurants, even interesting shops (its only redeeming quality), but really Tokyo is almost nothing but shopping. You don't really need to go to Harajuku to find that because you can find it anywhere.

If you are thinking this part of town might be unique or interesting, really it isn't. [more ]

Fashion Capital of Japan

The fashion capital of the world, Harajuku boasts eccentric fashion stalls and unbelievably good denim. More than the things one could purchase, Harajuku finds its worth in the people that dwell in it. The population of Harajuku is quite possibly the most fashionable population in the world. Even if there are thousands of people who walk in Harajuku all day, all of them are unique in their own fashion sense. Men and women alike are bound to find something fashionable in this famous area of Japan. Harajuku is also very multi-cultural, with gaijin (foreigners) taking pictures and mingling with the friendlier-than-normal Japanese people. [more ]


Harajuku is THE-PLACE to shop if you're going to Japan. Fashion designers from the "west" routinely go there from to get ideas and inspiration for upcoming clothing / accessories. When I went, I had an absolute blast, some of the clothing people were wearing looked like Halloween costumes, it was so cool! If you're into shopping, and aren't afraid to drop a little cash, I'd say that Harajuku is a must-go during your travels in Japan. [more ]


The Harajuku area in Tokyo is an interesting place to experience both the highest levels of Japanese pop culture and the greatest costumes and superficial culture that Japan has to offer. When I first went to Harajuku, it was to experience a hard rock concert that I thought was going to be your basic mosh-pit rock experience. Well, there was a mosh pit. There were also more girls and young men dressed in strange costumes that I could count. At the time I visited, I wasn’t aware of the Goth-Lolita phase of Japanese pop culture yet, so seeing serious looking Japanese women dressed in little black tutu skirts kind of terrified me. When the concert started and the band greeted the audience, at first they seemed to be the epitome of Goth culture. Until they spoke, that is. Giggling and joking as if they had just won a huge costume contest, they spoke like every other embarrassed Japanese people I had met, which caused all of the dressed up girls that before now had been frowning and smiling devilishly to begin giggling like school girls as well. This experience nicely explains my time in Harajuku. Walking down the street, it was just like the rest of Tokyo when you look past the odd costume stores and neon signs, only strangely dressed. There isn’t much to do in the area outside of cosplay, karaoke, and concerts, so I didn’t really have any need to go back after my initial visit. I’ve heard that there are some pretty good arcades and decent food there, but that night was a concert night, so I did what any other late night partier would do: I ate McDonalds, and though it wasn’t half bad, it was nice to return to my place in Asakusa afterwards. [more ]

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